Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Gardening Links I Enjoy

Just thought I'd let you guys know a few of the gardening sites I enjoy visiting: - Wikipedia Plug Plant Info - Gardeners World Article on Plug Plants -The RHS Plug Plant Page

Surfinia and Petunia Plug Plants for Hanging Baskets in the Spring

Everyone knows that the Surfinia Plug Plant is the best variety of trailing petunia on the market.
With super trailing stems, as well as large colourful flowers, it gives your garden displays a fantastic variety of possibilities.

The one problem with blogger is the image size is very restricted, checkout this page for full sized images of Surfinias.

Now if you are into social media (which I am), you will probably find there isn't much plant activity on it, as many gardeners my ages are watching pointless with a cup of tea instead!
Saying that I did find a few posts on Surfinias:

Anyway with that being said, I will talk to you about my favourite varieties of Surfinias, and the best colour combinations for hanging baskets.

The Surfinia Sky Blue

 Now this variety is just wonderful, especially when combined with any white coloured plug plants, giving the best hanging basket possible in my opinion.

The Surfinia Blue Vein

Another favourite of mine is the Surfinia Blue Vein plug plant, which gives a fantastic mixed flower, that I mainly use in its own hanging basket to maximise the effect.

---> By the way, babyplants recently tweeted about their new free delivery offer:

Sometimes plug plants can seem strange, and the logic isn't always clear why people don't just buy larger plants in the summer. I think part of it must be the savings you can make, and the sense of achievement when you finally get a great hanging basket completely hand made yourself.

Until next time guys, get buying those Surfinias, and plant them up this weekend.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting into the Garden with Plug Plants and Mini Plugs

 Sometimes it can be difficult for us older people to fiddle around with sewing seeds and what not, that's why I much prefer planting with plug plants, as they tend to be much more successful in the garden, and require much less care and attention.

My favourite variety of plug plant is the Geraniums Antik Scarlet which looks fantastic in my borders at the front of the house.

Image courtesy of Babyplants.

Geraniums happen to be my favourite, but in my garden I love adding the occational strange variety, such as Nemesia, which come out in beautiful little flowers in the summer months, in purples and cream colours.

This blog will be about my dedication to plug plants, and other things like that, so make sure to bookmark it: